The objectives for which the Association is established are:

i) to develop networking between the present and future alumni on a common platform on a continuing basis;

ii) to become the voice of the alumni in all matters related to the betterment of the Institute;

iii) to maintain the honor and dignity of the fellow alumni as well as to maintain camaraderie and fraternity amongst the ex-students of the Institute by promoting social and cultural association amongst themselves;

iv) to associate with the Institute for arranging and holding annual re-union of the past and present students;

v) to systematically uplift the image and status of the Institute, both nationally and internationally;

vi) to help the Institute to organize national and international seminars/congresses/workshops/ conferences/symposia on selected topics of science & technology to strengthen/share the knowledge base of the engineering community;

vii) To help the Institute to organize series of lectures to be delivered by renowned scientists, technologists, economists, etc. on cutting edge technology, social issues, community services, etc.;

viii) To approve/promote establishment of alumni association units or chapters in different geographical locations having adequate congregation of alumni;